Cheyenne Compton
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My Sweet Cheyenne. SHe was born april 15th 2006 by c-section 11 week early. Her due date was june 24th. SHe weighed 1lb 9.5oz at birth and was 13 in long. She was born with a head full of dark heair and never lost it. My moms fav joke about the day Cheyenne was born was that she was squeekin mad. Cause thats all she could do was squeek. But she made herself known. 2 days later she was transfered to Loma Linda because they had a better NICU then the hospital she was born at. A week later we were told about all the defects she was born with, worst of wich was her heart deffect. Double outlet right ventracal. Becasue of her small size surgery was not an option at the time. SHe had to be 4 pounds before surgery. She was on a c-pap for breathing for 5 weeks then was intebated. SHe developed 2 major brain bleeds that affected her moter skills. On June 21st I was told that her lungs were now too badly damaged and that surgery was no longer an option at all an that I would have to let her go. At 11 pm She was put into my arms where she would stay till she passed away. at midnight she was taken off the vent and was pronounced at 1 am june 22nd 2006 2 days from her due date and she weighed 3 pounds 14 oz. 



That is her story Now I would like to tell you about HER. She loved to have her head rubbed. No matter how fussy she was if Momma rubed her tiny head she calmed right down and even would lean into my hand. When she heard my voice she would turn her head tord me. She always tryed to open her eyes for me and on the few times she was able to she would look right at me and only me. SHe had a strong grip and held my finger all the time. WHen I would stroke her bottom lip she would smile. She had the sweetest smile. She was very smart. She figured out that if she licked the bridge tape holding her breating tube in it would come lose and she could pull the tube out. She extebated herself at least 5 times. She suprised everyone with her strength and her will to fight.






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Happy Mothers day   / Momma (Mommy)
  I wanted to take the time to say thank you baby girl for makeing me a mommy. I believe you chose me. I dont know how I got so lucky to be the mother of such a perfect special little girl. I am a better person because of you CHeyenne and for th...  Continue >>
Happy Birthday Little one!   / Shawnee (Momma)
  Happy Birthday my tiny little girl.How I wish that your were here so I could dress you up is some sweet clothes and take lots of pictures of you on your first birthday.  I would make you the most cutest cake ever for you to absolutly devo...  Continue >>
Miss you like crazy   / Mommy
My Sweet Cheyenne. I really need to come here and take care of this page more offten then I do. Your sister keeps me busy. She is getting so big and asking more questions about you ans where you are and why your not here. She knows you are her sister...  Continue >>
Forgive me   / Mommy (Mommy)
It hasbeen to long sence I have been here to your page baby girl. So many things have changed. I love you with all my heart and I think of you every day. Sometimes life just gets in the way. Your little sister is 3 1/2 now. I still see ou in her...  Continue >>
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!   / Kelly Moraitis (Another Angel Mom )
Happy Birthday!!!

My heart aches with you! My son's angel day is coming as well. July 8th. will be 5 years. It's so hard to believe.

She is beautiful! We are blessed to have gotten to meet our Angels.

I hope your hear...  Continue >>
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She loved Strawberries!!!  




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